Lincoln Beals

Author of An Irish Odyssey series

What’s Behind the Sun?

What if…there was another planet revolving around our sun in the same orbit, but never seen because it’s always exactly opposite our earth?

And, what if…that planet was populated by people created at the same time we were who resemble us physically, but because evil was never allowed in their world, they are loving and peaceful and have bodies that never decay? They have vast mutually-shared knowledge and skills that we can only dream of.

And, what if…in their caring for their brothers and sisters here, on our earth, they keep watch care over us from their mother ship and occasionally send missions to our earth to prevent us from destroying ourselves?

And finally, what if…one of their people becomes a renegade with every intention of wiping out his home planet? What’s Behind the Sun? takes you on a wild ride of hubris, nemesis and redemption.