Lincoln Beals

Author of An Irish Odyssey series

Take the High Road, an Irish Odyssey

Take the High Road is the first of a series showcasing how faith and resiliency triumph over starvation and bigotry.


Your family has farmed the same small plot of ground for generations when a foreign nation strips your family of ownership and makes it a crime for you to consume or sell your own crops, demanding, on pain of arrest, that you ship them abroad.  Furthermore, your family is starving, with no relief in sight.

Or, you grew up in a small community where your father established a thriving dry goods and sewing supplies business.  Now, as an adult, you honor his legacy by successfully running the store.  But, without warning, your sales suddenly disappear.  You wonder why.  You discover that, because of your religion, townspeople are not being allowed to patronize your store, forcing you out of business.

A fact of history is that in the mid nineteenth century this was the plight that caused the starvation and relocation of over a million citizens of Ireland.

Take the High Road, an Irish Odyssey, is a fictionalized account of two Irish families who suffered greatly, through no fault of their own: one from forced starvation and the other from religious persecution.

But that’s only the beginning.  As the story unfolds, they set an example for all of us who have faced seeming insurmountable challenges and with resiliency, determination and deep faith and have overcome obstacles by taking the high road.


Why you should read it

Read “Take the High Road” if you like stories that portray the human spirit finding ways to be victorious when all seems hopeless.  You will learn of the needless suffering imposed on the Irish people by outside political forces and other circumstances beyond their control.  By reading “Take the High Road” you will get a glimpse of the resiliency and strength of a people who refused to give up and accept their fate.  The characters in the book are representative of hope and faith overcoming death defying odds.