Lincoln Beals

Author of An Irish Odyssey series

On the High Seas, an Irish Odyssey


You are seventeen years old and the last surviving member of your family. The only home you’ve ever known has been destroyed by government thugs and you meander about the county side, starving, homeless and hopeless. One day, you wander onto a wharf, teeming with more people than you have ever before seen. A giant, three masted sailing ship, is being loaded with luggage and stores for a voyage, getting ready to sail on the next ebb tide. You have no idea of the ship’s destination, but somehow, you are able to go aboard as a passenger. And so, begins your new life with your new family as it unfolds amidst the dangers of the Atlantic crossing and the squalid conditions in the crowded steerage.

Or, you and your family are shunned because you refuse to renounce your religion and are banished from your home and business. You have no choice, but to say goodbye forever to the home and business you’ve known and loved. You are given passage to America on a ship that departs in two weeks. You pack up your family and a few belongings and leave. But you remain hopeful. You trust in God’s perfect Will and look forward to a new start in America. The story unfolds during the two month voyage with more than one life and death struggle in the filthy, crowded steerage and the sometimes violent weather of the North Atlantic that challenges and stretches your faith to its limits.