From the Desk of Lincoln Beals...

First Book Signing

A letter arrived by email on 15 July from the Solano County Library Foundation inviting me to attend their 20th anniversary birthday party on September 13th with book signings by local authors, barbecue from Texas Road House, a big birthday cake, live music and wine tasting. Why is this significant... Read more

What Shapes your “World View?”

The people I attempt to bring to life in the pages of my novels live in their own personal worlds (just as we all do). And, as a result, because of that, they act in different ways, and from their own point of view. Just as in real life, when people interact, they create either tensions or... Read more

Apparitions and Angels

In writing the Irish Odyssey series, I have chosen Guardian Angels as narrators of the ongoing story. They are ever present and watch over, without interfering, all that happens. But on occasion, they do appear as apparitions and in dreams, especially under circumstances of extreme stress . These... Read more

Happy 4th of July!

Independence day . We celebrate July 4th with parades, barbecues and fireworks. But what are we actually celebrating? Stymied! How can I do this without getting lost in much used, tired phrases? I'll try this. Give me some feedback. Does it work as a valid comment on the importance of our day when... Read more

Take the High Road, an Irish Odyssey

"Take the High Road, an Irish Odyssey" is my first serious attempt at novel writing. It highlights true Irish history of an era when the good people of Ireland suffered under brutal laws and regulations that stripped them of their lands and the control of the very crops that they had labored to... Read more