Next Irish Odyssey Book in the works


For my FB friends and for all of you who may have been following the Irish Odyssey Series: GOOD NEWS! Book four is in the works. It picks up the on-going saga where ‘High Hopes and Dreams’ ends.

‘From High Noon to Midnight’ recounts Brian O’Boyle’s exploits during the ten years before the beginning of the Civil War. As with the earlier books, Brian’s story is interwoven with the real history of the United States during that tumultuous time. Read an excerpt from Chapter one below.

Mr. Crump’s anguish was clear as he screamed through the locked front doors of the rectory, “Please!...Please!...I beg of you!...Open the door!...Help me!...I don’t know what to do!...MOHONGO has sailed! Her berth at the wharf is empty! Captain Cole left without me!”

Liam was puzzled and turning to Mrs. O’Malley, he asked, “Are we to believe his antics? Is this some sort of ploy to get us to let them in so they can steal the boy?”

Before she could answer, the Archbishop, dressed in his cassock, having heard the uproar, came out of his office. Liam and Mrs. O’Malley stepped aside and he peered through the glass paned doors at the three men on the steps outside. “Who are these men? What do they want?”

Liam answered, “I know them and I suspect that they are up to no good. The two dressed in black are the same men who were hired by Captain Cole to bring Darcy back to him. The other man, in nautical garb, is the captain’s first mate. ”

The Archbishop thanked Liam and said to Mrs. O’Malley, “If you would, please open the door. Mr. O’Donnell and I will step out and find out what it is that they want.”

Liam, frowning, said, “Excellency, I’m not sure that opening the door would be wise. What if they use the opened door as an invitation to force their way in?”

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New Venues

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