80th Birthday Dinner

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Our daughter Sara Frampton lovingly organized an 80th birthday dinner at the Cast Iron Skillet restaurant in Suisun. 'Read More' to see photo. It was a beautiful evening with great food and a lot of love flowing around freely. My heart was touched by the effort that everyone made to come. Thank you, all of you and thank you to all of you who remembered me on FaceBook.

Writing Companion

Writing is a solitary occupation. No one doubts that. Only when I'm free of noise and distractions am I able to concentrate long enough to get a thought, flimsily floating in my brain, from my synapses to my computer screen. And even then, how many thoughts and ideas end up lost forever? My Keurig... Read more

New Cover for High Hopes and Dreams

Here's the new, updated cover for High Hopes and Dreams . We changed it to more closely conform to Industry Standards. Take the High Road and On the High Seas will get new covers soon.Read more

High Hopes and Dreams manuscript Complete

Kindle an Nook eBook versions should be available in about a week. The print version will be out soon after that. To whet your appetite, below, I've printed a copy of the back cover. Historical Fiction The Irish Odyssey Series High Hopes and Dreams begins where On the High Seas ends. It’s the first... Read more